Standard Listing Photos | $175*

As much as we'd like every listing to have a stunning video, aerial photography, and a Matterport tour, no listing can begin without standard photos. These exterior and interior photos form the center point of the listing and are often the first thing a potential buyer sees. We use the best techniques and technology to capture each and every listing in its best light while ensuring that colors are natural and honest. These photos are delivered within 48 hours (24 hour [+$0] and same day [+$50] rush available) in an order that makes sense for the property. In addition, this includes a slideshow set to music of all the images we took of your listing.

*For listings less than 2000 square feet. (+$50 for every additional 1000 sq ft)

Aerial Photos | +$60*

These photos start at just above eye level, and quickly take to the sky! Aerial photography is perfect for showing off how close a listing is to natural features, as well as elevating your reputation as a realtor. Aerial photos are a must have for any listing over half an acre, and when possible, we are able to overlay the birds eye view with an outline of the property, giving buyers a definite idea of what they are looking to purchase.

*If booked alongside either standard listing photos or a Matterport tour

Promotional Video | +$350*

These videos set you apart from other listing agents by showing a home owner that their listing is often so much more epic than they ever imagined! Give buyers a view inside a listing and engage them with a video set to music that pulls them into the home! Additionally, we do agent guided videos. Please contact us for additional details if you are interested! Aerial videography is always included, weather and location permitting. If drone is unavailable or undesired we discount the invoice $50

*If booked alongside either standard listing photos or a Matterport tour

Matterport 3D Tour | $250*

Matterport is the ultimate immersive tool for buyers to view a home from the comfort of their own devices. Do you want to appeal to out of state buyers on your listings? Additionally, listings with 3D tours enjoy enhanced visibility on many of the popular public listing websites like Zillow and Redfin. Finally, with a Matterport tour, you get a complimentary 2D schematic floor plan that even the most technologically recalcitrant buyer can understand!

*For listings less than 2000 square feet. (+$50 for every additional 1000 sq ft)

Additional Information

Photo Terms of Use

Unless otherwise discussed with us, all photos, video, tours etc (content) we create for you are given a limited use license for the one time listing of a given home for sale. If you want to use any of the content in perpetuity on your website or to rent the property out, please contact us about unlimited use pricing.

Additional Services and Fees

Exterior and Aerial Photos Only - $175

Photography of Outbuildings - $50/building

Photography of Acreage - $50/five acres
Location Fee - $1.50/mile one way after 20 miles from our location (98686)

Additional Trip Fee - $75


How long does it typically take to receive the edited photos after a photo shoot?

We know that most of the time, by the point a listing is ready for photos, it's been ready to go on the market for a couple days! Recognizing that, we offer 48 hour turn around, with complimentary 24 hour turn around if necessary. If you need even faster turn around, we can rush the processing for a fee.

How many photos do you typically deliver?

We do not have a set minimum number of photographs we deliver, but it is typically in excess of 32. It used to be we could guarantee you'd have enough to fill your RMLS listing, but those days are (thankfully) gone!

What happens if I need to reschedule my appointment?

Let's be honest, it takes a lot of work to get a home ready, and oftentimes it doesn't happen as planned. Knowing that, we understand that appointments may need to get rescheduled with short notice. Cancellations made at least 24 hours in advance will not result in any late fees. Same day cancellations will be invoiced for half the scheduled services.

Can I request specific shots or angles for the photography session?

Absolutely! We encourage our clients to share their vision and specific shot requests with us. Before the photo shoot, our team will consult with you to understand your preferences and priorities. We are committed to tailoring our photography services to meet your unique needs, ensuring that we capture the shots that matter most to you.

What equipment and technology do you use for aerial photography?

For our aerial photography services, we utilize state-of-the-art drone equipment equipped with high-resolution cameras. These drones are operated by experienced and licensed drone pilots who adhere to all safety regulations. Our technology allows us to capture stunning aerial images and videos, showcasing your property from breathtaking angles. We are committed to delivering the highest quality aerial content to make your listings stand out.

What happens if I don't want aerial video in my listing video, or weather or location prevents you from using the drone?

We totally understand that sometimes, the neighborhood doesn't add anything to the listing, and that rainy days are a regular occurrence. Regardless, if we are unable to, or don't want to have an aerial component to the video, we'll discount your video $50.